Doodles : Logo Design for a cafe

Two of my very close friends- Siddharth Sharma and Kritik Kothari ‘commissioned’ me to work for the design of their upcoming cafe to be opened in Singhani University, Udaipur. The brief given to me was very vague and I made some quick sketches to incorporate their ideas.

I am just attaching the mail I sent to Siddharth below. It kind of sums up the thought process behind each one.



I am afraid that they might not be what you imagined in your head but i just made quick sketch of a few ideas all very ‘desi’ in their thought. see if anything clicks with you..

1) logo could have image of a guy chilling out on a ‘Mudda’ or couch.

2) a smoky font

3) I know your idea has nothing to do with hukka but this felt more like an interpretation of your dream. This is my personal favourite but I understand that the college authorities might have a problem with this but anyway, see if you like it

4) A Desi Design inspired by the typography behind trucks.

Dont hesitate in being rude and dissing them.
Give a frank review.

Thank you
Denny George



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