Arduino Noise [Four Step Sequencer]


This is a demo video for an intermediate stage of a 4 step sequencer that I have built using an Arduino Uno and the Mozzi library.

The synth right now also has an LFO and Reverb mode but has not been demo-ed in the video.

It is very easy to build once you know the concepts of sound synthesis. All you need is an arduino, some knobs, a baterry and a Soap Box to put them all in 🙂

Source Code needs some cleaning up and will be put up soon 🙂

Add some LEDs and LDRs to it and you have a blingy noise box!


4 thoughts on “Arduino Noise [Four Step Sequencer]

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  2. Hi Denny, Nice project. I would appreciate if you shared the source code of the Mozzi sequencer to have it as starting point and inspiration for the one I want to create. Don’t worry if it is messy. Thanks a lot in advance!

      • No worries, and thanks for the quick reply!
        Let me know if you have any other suggestion or reference that can be helpful to create an arduino sequencer with mozzi. i get a bit lost with the sketch structure required by Mozzi.
        Thanks agan!

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