Laptop Gloves


Delhi is freezing these days with major swings in the temperature and I caught a major cold. Now since I am feeling cold more than usual, my mother has ensured I am covered in three layers of clothing. Besides I am expected to wear a muffler, ear pads, gloves and socks.

Thats me!


Now the problem is I can’t use the trackpad of my laptop with the gloves on. And I dont feel comfortable if I dont wear gloves. [Yes I am complaining more than required, I know]


I didnt have conductive threads and I am not in a state to go to market or anything, so I had to make do with the most malleable conductor I had at home – Aluminum Foil!

So the idea is to line the inner layer of your index finger with aluminium, connect a wire to it and pull that outside through the glove and connect it to another strip of aluminum wire and wrap that around the outer surface of the index finger.


Step 1



Step 2



Step 3



Step 4



Step 5






Now I can be sick and yet productive! 😛


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