My name is Denny George. I am a 21 year old (as of 2012) guy with interests varying from music, programming, humour to writing.

This blog is meant to keep a log of my day to day life. More specifically, anything interesting that might happen in my life that I would want to look back upon to cherish later in my life. So yeah, most of this would be personal and If you are still reading this, you probably love me or are jealous of me.

Its a thin line, isn’t it?

Anyway, a lot of things are going to be a part of this blog. My life as I try to do things by being true to myself; Stories of being drenched in the rain; My journey as I take myself more seriously as a writer and humorist; My escapades into unknown territories, both physical and metaphysical; Stories of my humongous crush on Monica Dogra; Interesting trysts with the musical genre of the Blues and Electronic music; Description of my foray into Interaction design, Physical Computing and Design in general; Stories of my growth as a musician and an effort to refrain from using smileys as I write. This should be an interesting journey to undertake and keep a record of.

While most of what is here on this blog is a work in progress, you could find a lot of my completed literary works on abrain.

Feel free to check out my Portfolio here.

Thank you.

PS – the title is ‘anarcissist’ and not ‘A narcissist’ 🙂


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Denny, Nice project. I would appreciate if you shared the source code of the Mozzi sequencer to have it as starting point and inspiration for the one I want to create. Don’t worry if it is messy. Thanks a lot in advance!

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