Kinect + Box2D fun

I’ve been playing around with Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows since some days. I helped a friend make the following for his Physical Computing Assignment. Cool no?

Used OpenFrameworks, Kinect for Windows SDK and ofxBox2d library.


Psound : An experiment in a new interaction technique using Paper, pencil and Eraser

This is something I am working on currently. I am excited about it mainly because its an original idea and I could not find anything like this on the internet and hence I am looking forward to how it takes shape and how it looks upon completion. I am posting the current form of the product and the initial results.

Psound takes you on a journey to explore sounds, more specifically musical notes. You start by making a mark on a paper, in response you hear a sound. Then you add another mark and after some time you hear a corresponding sound again. The sound generated so far plays in a loop. you keep adding to the soundloop with additional marks on the paper. Incase you dont like a particular addition you can erase it. Slowly with time you learn the correspondence between your action and the output and hopefully this will be an enjoyable experience.

The Current interface

Sample Results :

result obtained after quantizing the frequencies.

Ok. Disclaimer of sorts – Don’t expect a Chartbuster in these links.

The computer vision part of it is almost complete and I am thinking of ways to make the sound part of it more interesting.

My MultiTouch Table : First Prototype

Finally after a lot of patient waiting and tinkering around with software and hardware, I made an almost working MultiTouch Table. Attached are some pics. The final table would be much bigger than this.

Table from outside:

Table from Inside:

Table with Projector On:

Thats me in IR light. I tell you. If the world had girls with IR vision, I would get laid a lot!
Take that Edward Cullen!

This is a snapshot of my laptop running the fiducial and finger tracker. Those green text that you see in the image are put by the software when it detects markers/finger.